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Night Shadow Sailing Team



NIGHT SHADOW SAILING, in cooperation with the Austrian Ocean Race Project registered to compete at the Barcolana 51, which took place on October 13, 2019 in Trieste, Italy.

The Team sailed on the VOR 65, which finished in 5th place in the previous year's Volvo Ocean Race (2018). The Barcolana is considered to be the largest sailing regatta in the world. NIGHT SHADOW SAILING consisted of a mixed crew of experienced amateur sailors from different nations: Switzerland, Sweden, America, Germany, Austria and Finland.

David Mizrahi, President of the Night Shadow Sailing Syndicate, states: “We are very proud to have reached this competitive level so fast. This could be made possible thanks to our fully motivated and committed team, but also thanks to our sponsors, which have believed in us and supported us all along”.

Night Shadow Sailing was sponsored at the Barcolana 51 by SF Marina, Edgewater Resources, and Skyclimber.

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